Marfa Ghost Lights

Bioluminescent Predators in Texas

A new conjecture about the Marfa Lights of Texas involves bioluminescent flying predators.

The flying Marfa Lights of southwest Texas have been compared with the ropen of Papua New Guinea. There the lights have been correlated with appearances of large and giant long-tailed flying creatures, featherless and resembling Rhamphorhynchoid pterosaurs (long-tailed "pterdactyls").

In the United States, there have also been sightings of living pterosaurs or flying creatures whose descriptions strongly suggest long-tailed pterosaurs. Sightings have been west, north, and east of Marfa, Texas: in New Mexico, Texas, Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Georgia.

The flying Marfa Lights behave like intelligent predators, sometimes coordinating their flights as if they were hunting the Big Brown Bat that is common in this part of Texas.

(At least as of late-2010, most scientists who have researched seriously the Marfa Lights, including James Bunnell, were not yet convinced that the mystery lights are caused by a group of flying predators, bioluminescent creatures.)


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For years, the scientist James Bunnell (author of the nonfiction book Hunting Marfa Lights) has searched for Marfa Lights and researched and analyzed eyewitness accounts. He may be the only investigator to have gotten permission from the ranchers to set up permanent remote cameras on private property.

Bunnell has made it clear that mysterious lights appear on rare occasions (only a few times a year), and they are nothing like the car headlights that may sometimes appear mysterious through night-mirage effects. 

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